If you’d like to record screen and audio on your Windows 10 computer to create a tutorial video, you can do this with an easy-to-use screen and audio recorder. This post introduces best 5 tools with detailed guides. MiniTool software offers free video editor, video converter, free YouTube video downloader, etc. for users.

With a top free screen and audio recorder for PC, you can easily record computer screen activity and record internal system or mic audio together. You can create a video training tutorial, record gameplay on PC, or record anything you like on Windows computer screen.

This post introduces 5 ways to allow you to record screen and audio simultaneously on Windows 10. Check the details below.

Here is a quick video guide:

Way 1. Record Screen with Audio on Windows 10 via MiniTool Video Converter

MiniTool Video Converter is a free screen recorder, video converter & video downloader that is compatible with Windows.

You can use its Screen Record module to record screen and audio for free on Windows 10 computer with ease.

You can also use it to easily convert any video or audio file to preferred format for free. This best free video converter supports 1000+ video and audio formats. Extremely intuitive interface, fast conversion speed, and high output quality.

In addition, you can also use MiniTool Video Converter to download YouTube videos for free so that you can watch YouTube videos or listen to the YouTube music offline. You can download YouTube video in MP4, WebM, MP3 or WAV format.

MiniTool Video Converter is 100% free, clean and safe, with no watermark, with no ads at all.

You can download and install free MiniTool Video Converter on your Windows computer and use it to record screen activities on your PC or laptop in a few clicks.

MiniTool Video ConverterClick to Download100%Clean & Safe

Step 1. Double-click MiniTool Video Converter to open it. Click Screen Record module. Click Click to record screen icon to open MiniTool Screen Recorder window.

open MiniTool Screen Recorder

Step 2. In MiniTool Screen Recorder window, you can click the down-arrow icon to select the region you want to record. You can also select record full screen.

To also record audio, you can click the System Audio icon and the Microphone Audio icon to turn on audio recording.

Step 3. Click Record button or press F6 to start to record. Press F6 key to stop the recording.

Double-click the recording file to play it or click Open folder icon at the bottom-left corner to check the recording video in the output folder.

record screen and audio with MiniTool Screen Recorder

Way 2. Record Screen and Audio for Free with Game Bar

Windows 10 system comes with a built-in screen and audio recorder that many of you might not know about. It is named Game Bar. It is a free screen recorder for Windows 10.

The Xbox Game Bar is designed to record clips of video games, but you can also use it to record anything on your Windows computer screen.

You can quickly access the Game Bar program on Windows 10, and use it to record screen with audio. It is easy to operate to totally free.

Check how to open Game Bar tool and use it to record PC screen and audio activity together.

Step 1. Find and enable Game Bar on Windows 10

Firstly, you should check if your computer has turned on the Game Bar feature.

You can press Windows + I to open Windows Settings. Click Gaming -> Game Bar. In the right window, check if the option “Record game clips, screenshots, and broadcast using Game bar” is enabled, if not, turn it on.

enable Windows 10 Game Bar

Step 2. Record screen and audio on PC

After the Game Bar function is enabled, you can use this free screen recorder with audio to record video on Windows 10 now.

You can open the screen, window, video or game you want to record.

Press Windows + G to evoke Game Bar tool. If it pops up a window asking you if it is a game, you can check the box “Yes, this is a game”.

To record screen, you can directly click the red REC button. The keyboard shortcut key is Windows + Alt + R.

To record screen and your microphone voice together, you can click the mic icon next to record icon to turn on mic while recording, thus, to record computer screen and microphone audio simultaneously.

free screen recorder with audio

Step 3. Check the recorded video clips

After finishing the recording, you can click the REC again to stop the recording.

Game Bar recordings are automatically saved in MP4 format, and you can go to your user folder on your computer, navigate to Videos -> Captures folder to find and view the screen recording videos.

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Way 3. Record Screen with Internal or Mic Audio with Bandicam

Windows Game Bar can run only if your computer meets its hardware requirements. If your Windows 10 computer can’t run Game Bar, you should turn to other third-party free screen and audio recorders in market to capture screen video with audio on Windows 10.

Bandicam is a popular tool that lets you record screen and audio together on Windows 10. It can record the system audio and your voice at the same time while recording screen.

It can record everything on your Windows computer and save the screencast videos in MP4 or AVI format. It can record various 2D/3D games with 4K resolution, and record external video devices like webcam, PS4/Xbox, mobile phone, etc.

Check how to use Bandicam to record screen with audio on Windows 10 PC below.

Step 1. Open Bandicam on your PC after you install it. On the main UI, select a recording mode. You can choose Screen Recording, Game Recording, or Device Recording mode.

Step 2. Next you can choose a rectangle size, custom a size or choose full screen. Click the red REC button to start recording.

If you want to record screen video with internal computer sound, you can click Video in the left pane, click Settings in the right window to open Record settings window. Under Sound tab, you can check Record sound, choose Default Sound Device as the Primary Sound Device.

To record screen with microphone voice, you can choose Default Sound Device as the primary sound device, and disable the second sound device. Then right-click the Sound icon in the system tray on your computer screen, and select Sound. Click Recording tab and choose your microphone as the default recording device.

To record screen with computer sound and your voice at the same time on Windows 10, you can select Default Sound Device as the primary sound device and select Microphone as the secondary sound device. Then tick Two Sound Mixing (Primary+Secondary into one audio track) option. Click OK.

Step 3. After you finish recording, you can stop the recording and click Videos tab at the top to check all recorded video clips.

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Way 4. Screen Record with Sound via Screencast-O-Matic

Another easy free screen recorder with audio that can record screen and sound is Screencast-O-Matic. This screen and audio recorder allows you to capture any area of your computer screen and lets you add narration from the webcam video or your microphone.

One big merit of this program is that it also comes with a full-feature video editor, and you can easily edit the recorded video and share to social media sites.

Check the easy guide below for how to record screen with audio on Windows 10 with this tool.

Step 1. You can go to the official website of Screencast-O-Matic, and click Launch Free Recorder to install the launcher of this program on your computer.

Step 2. After you launch this program, you can select Screen, Webcam, or Both to record. Next you can click Size to select a size you’d like to record. To capture screen video on Windows 10 with computer audio and your microphone narration voice, you can turn on these two options.

Step 3. At last, you can click the red Rec button to begin the recording process.

record video Windows 10

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Way 5. Record Screen and Audio with Camstudio

Camstudio is an open source free screen and audio recorder for Windows 10. It allows you to choose any region on your screen to record, and record microphone or speakers’ audio simultaneously.

The recorded video is saved in AVI format. If you want to upload the recorded video to video streaming sites, you can convert AVI to SWF format with its built-in AVI to SWF converter feature. Alternatively, you can also use a top free video converter for Windows 10 to convert AVI to MP4 or any other format.

Step 1. After you download and install CamStudio on PC, launch this free screen recorder with audio. Click Region tab at the top and choose a region you want to record.

If you want to record screen with audio from microphone or speakers, you can click Options tab at the top, and tick Record audio from microphone or Record audio from speakers.

Step 2. Click the red Recording button to start to record screen and audio on Windows 10.

Step 3. To stop the recording, you can click Stop button. Then you can select a destination to save the recorded AVI video clips.

record screen with audio Windows 10

Record Screen and Audio FAQ

How do I record my screen with audio on my laptop?
By utilizing a professional screen and audio recorder software, you can do this job. This post introduces 5 tools.
How do I record my screen on Windows 10 with sound?

You can use one of the 5 ways in this tutorial to easily record your screen on Windows 10 with sound.

How do I record my iPhone screen with internal audio?
  1. Open Control Center on your iPhone.
  2. Long press the Screen Record icon.
  3. Choose the app where you want to save your screen recordings.
  4. Tap Microphone to turn on microphone recording.
  5. Tap Start Recording to record your iPhone screen with your voice.
How can I record my screen with internal audio?
Many screen recorders let you choose to record system audio or microphone audio if you like.
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