YouTube TV offers many popular channels with full of movies and shows. Can you record them all? How to record? After recording, can you download the recordings? All these questions are discussed in this post.

Why Record on YouTube TV?

15 years ago, YouTube, a video-sharing platform, came out and now it has gained 2 billion users. This platform offers multiple videos and you can also watch them online or offline by downloading them with a YouTube downloader such as MiniTool uTube Downloader.

In 2017, YouTube TV appeared. As the American over-the-top internet television service, YouTube TV offers a great number of popular channels with full of movies and shows and now has appealed 2 million users.

Some users wonder if they can record shows on YouTube TV so that they can watch them later. YouTube TV allows its users to record shows and it has unlimited space for your recordings so that you can record movies and shows without any limitations. There are other pros of recording on YouTube TV:

  • While recording sports, YouTube TV automatically extends the scheduled recordings for up a half hour if it detects that the game is tacking more than expected time to finish.
  • After recording, you are able to skip ads in most recordings like DVR recordings (How to Block Ads on YouTube).

There are also some cons of recording on YouTube TV:

  • YouTube TV is a paid service. At the time of this writing, it cost $49.99/month (How Can I Cancel My YouTube TV Subscription Successfully).
  • The recordings will be removed from the YouTube TV’s library after 9 months. Moreover, some recordings may get removed from the library before 9 months if they reach their expiration dates.
  • At the time of this writing, YouTube TV does not allow you to record a single episode of a TV show. When you begin recording, the entire series is recorded.

YouTube TV costs $49.99/month

How to Record on YouTube TV?

Before showing how to record on YouTube TV, let’s see what you can record on this service. YouTube TV offers multiple channels with full of movies and shows. However, the channels that YouTube TV has depends on where you live. Generally, there are 70 channels available and you can record the shows on many channels like Fox TV, NBC, ABC, and so on.

Now. let’s see how to record on YouTube TV.

Step 1: Open your YouTube TV and log into your YouTube TV account.

Step 2: Use the Search box at the top to search for the TV show you want to record.

Step 3: You will see + icon on the right side of the show. Click this icon to start recording.

Step 4: Check the record process and result.

  • Go to your YouTube TV account.
  • Click the LIBRARY tab from the top.
  • Click to play the recorded show.

If you do not want to record the show, you can remove it from the YouTube TV’s library by clicking the Remove button next to the show.

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Can You Download Recordings from YouTube TV?

Differing from YouTube, recordings cannot be downloaded from YouTube TV even using a third-party app. However, it is possible that this will change in the future and you can watch your recordings from YouTube TV offline in your journey.

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Final Words

On YouTube TV, the record process is quite simple. Have you recorded your favorite shows on YouTube TV? If you encounter some issues during the record process, please leave them in the following comment zone.

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