Spotify podcasts not working? How to fix podcasts not playing on Spotify? This post from MiniTool Video Converter gives you 10+ solutions.

Spotify is a popular music streaming service where you can stream millions of songs and podcasts, listen to audiobooks, discover albums, playlists, and more. Spotify offers different categories of podcasts to follow, as well as some video podcasts to watch.

Although Spotify is one of the best music and podcast streaming services, it sometimes brings you issues like the podcast not working. In this guide, we’ll look at the main causes of Spotify podcasts not working and walk you through this problem.

#1. Close and Re-launch Spotify

Podcasts not working on Spotify might be caused by some unexpected technical problems. If this app fails to load or play podcasts, first, you should force-quit the app and then relaunch it.

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#2. Restart Your Device

If you still have problems playing podcasts on Spotify, restart your phone or computer. This method will fix the issue if the Spotify podcast issue is related to system glitches. After that, relaunch Spotify and check if it plays podcasts properly.

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#3. Check Spotify Server Status

If Spotify experiences server-side glitches, this will prevent it from playing podcasts. Hence, you should check if there’s any problem with Spotify server. You can go to the Downdetector website, Twitter’s Spotify Status, or the Spotify subreddit on Reddit to see Spotify’s current status.

#4. Check Your Network Connection

Poor or unstable internet connectivity is another reason why Spotify won’t play podcasts. To fix this issue, you should enable and disable airplane mode on your phone, or switch to a Wi-Fi network. And if your device is connected to a VPN, turn it off.

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#5. Disable Data Saving on Your Phone

Another fix for Spotify podcasts not working is to turn off the data-saving feature on your phone because this may prevent streaming apps like Spotify from working correctly.

Disable data saver on Android: Open the Settings app, click Network & InternetData Saver, and toggle off the switch to Use Data Saver.

Disable low data mode on iPhone: Open Settings, select Mobile Data > Mobile Data Options, and turn off Low Data Mode, or choose Wi-Fi, tap on the i icon, and deactivate the switch next to Low Data Mode.

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#6. Check Audio Quality Settings

Spotify allows you to change the audio quality settings to enhance your listening experience. When Spotify podcast won’t play, you can check the audio settings and choose the default audio quality – Automatic. Depending on your internet connection, Spotify will select the highest level of quality.

To check Spotify’s audio quality on Android, iOS, and desktop, in the Spotify Home page, click Settings, scroll down to Audio Quality, choose Automatic for Wi-Fi streaming and Cellular streaming, and enable the Auto adjust quality mode.

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#7. Update Spotify

An outdated version of the Spotify app may also cause playback issues. So, you can try updating the app to the most recent version to fix the Spotify podcasts not working issue.

To update the Spotify app on your phone, go to the Play Store or App Store, search for Spotify, and click the Update button.

On the desktop, click your profile on Windows or Spotify on Mac, and choose Check for Updates on Windows or About Spotify on Mac. If there’s an available new version, follow the prompts to install it.

#8. Clear Spotify App Cache

Corrupted cache files on Spotify can cause the app to malfunction. This is also a possible reason for podcasts not working on Spotify. You can clear the Spotify cache to fix the issue.

On Android/iOS, open the Spotify app, click the Settings icon on the top right, select Storage, and click Clear cache. On the desktop, click your account name and Settings, scroll down to the Storage section, and click Clear Cache.

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#9. Disable Offline Mode on Spotify

Under Spotify’s offline mode, you can only play downloaded songs and podcasts. If you’ve enabled this mode, you can’t stream Spotify podcasts. To fix Spotify not playing podcasts, just disable the offline mode.

On Android and iOS: click the Settings icon, go to the Playback section, and toggle off the switch next to Offline mode. On the desktop: click the three-dot icon, click File, and click Offline Mode.

#10. Sign Out and Back Into Spotify

If the podcast not working on Spotify issue isn’t still solved, try to log out and log into Spotify again. Click the Settings button, scroll down, and tap Log out. Then, log back in with your Spotify account.

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#11. Reinstall Spotify

If you’re still facing the podcasts not working on Spotify problem, reinstall the Spotify app on your device. First, remove the app from your phone or desktop, and download it again. Alternatively, you can try the Spotify web player to play podcasts.

#12. Download Podcasts

If you’re a premium user on Spotify, you can download songs, albums, playlists, and podcasts for offline listening. Therefore, if the app fails to stream podcasts, download them and then start playback.

If you want to convert downloaded Spotify songs or podcasts to other media formats, you can try MiniTool Video Converter, a free video and audio converter.

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Final Thoughts

Spotify podcasts not working is a frustrating problem, but it can be easily resolved. This post explains some methods to fix the podcasts not working/playing on the Spotify app for Android, iOS, and desktop so you can enjoy your podcasts on Spotify.

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