In this article published by the best free video converter – MiniTool Video Converter, we'll explore the intricacies of video conversion, providing insights into tools, methods, and considerations when dealing with the TS to AVI conversion and vice versa.

As the world of digital media continues to evolve, users often find themselves needing to convert video formats to meet specific requirements or enhance compatibility. One common scenario is the conversion between TS (Transport Stream) and AVI (Audio Video Interleave) formats.

Understanding TS and AVI Formats

TS (Transport Stream)

Transport Stream is a container format commonly used for streaming media, broadcasting, and storing video on DVDs. It’s renowned for its ability to carry multiple data streams, including audio, video, and subtitles, within a single file. However, TS files may encounter compatibility issues with certain devices or software.

AVI (Audio Video Interleave)

AVI is a well-established multimedia container format developed by Microsoft. It has broad compatibility across platforms and devices, making it a popular choice for storing audio and video data. AVI files are widely supported by various media players and video editing software like MiniTool MovieMaker.

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How to Convert TS to AVI: Methods and Tools?

If you want to convert TS into AVI, you can follow the below steps.

Step 1. TS Converter to AVI Free Download

When you have a TS file that needs to be converted to AVI, various online and offline tools can assist. Some popular options include online converters, standalone software, or dedicated video editing programs.

Numerous TS to AVI freeware and paid software solutions offer easy-to-use interfaces and robust functionality for seamless TS to AVI conversion:

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Convert Audio and Video TS to AVI

Some files may contain separate audio and video streams within the TS container. In such cases, use specialized converters like Aiseesoft TS Video Converter to ensure both audio and video are accurately converted to AVI.

Step 2. Convert .TS to .AVI

Now, let’s see the step-by-step process for converting TS format to AVI with video converter free – MiniTool Video Converter.

1. After downloading the proper free video converter TS AVI, you need to install it on your Windows computer.

2. Launch the program to enter its main user interface.

3. Click the Add or Drag files here to start conversion option to upload the target TS file. Or you can directly drag and drop your media file there.

add TS file for conversion

4. It will create a video conversion task in the main interface. There, under the Target section, click the settings icon.

click settings icon within the Target section

5. In the new pop-up window, switch to the Video tab from the top menu, select AVI from the left panel, and pick up a video resolution from the right section.

choose target video format

You can set up more parameters by clicking the settings icon behind the video resolution option you choose. Or you can directly click the Create Custom option at the bottom right corner.

6. Within the next popup, you are able to customize the quality, encoder, resolution, frame rate, and bitrate of the video as well as the encoder, channel, sample rate, and bitrate of the embedded audio. Remember to click the Create button to save your changes.

video format settings

7. Then, you will be redirected to the upper-level window. There, just scroll down the video resolution option list, choose your customized video option, and click the Convert button in the main window.

select specified video format to convert

Wait until the process of converting TS to AVI finishes. The time it takes depends on the size of the target file. Anyway, it will not take long for you to finally get the AVI file.

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How to Convert AVI to Video TS Mac?

Converting AVI to TS is similar to converting TS to AVI file. You can consider using software like VLC Media Player, which not only plays various formats but also serves as a versatile converter. It supports Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems.

1. Simply open VLC.

2. Navigate to Media > Convert/Save.

select “Convert / Save” in VLC

3. Click Add to upload your AVI file.

click the Add button in VLC

4. Then, click the Convert / Save button.

click the Convert / Save button in VLC

5. Select a proper TS format as the output format.

choose a TS format in VLC

6. Select a Destination to save the converted TS file and click the Start button to trigger the conversion.

select a destination to start the conversion in VLC

Actually, the above-introduced free converter – MiniTool Video Converter can also help you to convert AVI to TS format following the same steps described above. Moreover, it supports batch conversion and preserves video quality during the process.

TS to AVI Conversion Considerations

Video TS Folder to AVI

If you have a complete Video TS folder (commonly found in DVDs), utilize software like DVDVideoSoft Free Studio to convert the entire folder to AVI while maintaining the original structure.

Convert AVI to MPEG2 TS

Some projects may require converting AVI to MPEG2 TS. Tools like Avidemux or FFmpeg can handle this conversion, providing users with flexibility in choosing specific formats.


Navigating the realm of video conversion, specifically between TS and AVI formats, demands an understanding of the available tools, methods, and considerations. Whether converting for compatibility, editing purposes, or optimizing file sizes, users have a plethora of options at their disposal. As technology advances, staying informed about the latest tools and techniques ensures a seamless video conversion experience. Whether you’re converting TS to AVI or vice versa, the right tools and a bit of know-how will empower you to tackle any video conversion challenge.

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