Your life is surrounded with videos and audios, but most of you only know some popular video/audio file formats, such as MP4, MP3, WMV, AVI, and MPEG. This post focuses on Divx – a video file format which is not so popular, but still used by some people and devices. Several DivX converters will be introduced to help users convert a DivX file to another format or vice versa.

Though DivX is not as popular as other video file formats like MP4, AVI, and WMV, there are still huge demands for it. And the DivX converter is needed when users want to convert a DivX video to other formats or want to convert other video files to DivX to save bandwidth & disk space.

If you browse the internet, you can find a series of DivX video converters. Before talking about them in detail, I’ll first explain DivX to you.

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What Is DivX

DivX is short for Digital Video Express, which refers to a brand of video codec products that are designed by DivX, LLC. The file extension of DivX videos is .divx. To be specific, Divx contains 3 codecs:

  • MPEG-4 Part 2 DivX codec (the original format)
  • 264/MPEG-4 AVC DivX Plus HD codec
  • High Efficiency Video Coding DivX HEVC Ultra HD codec

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DivX file

Users tend to save videos in DivX format since it can compress a media file up to 1/12 of its original size without too much loss of quality; in other words, less bandwidth will be used and less device space will be occupied. That’s an important reason why DivX file format is used widely in online video distribution and in P2P file-sharing networks.

The DivX is also a lossy video compression program designed to help users compress video files to a large extent (about 1/12 of the original file) without losing too much in quality. The DivX format is even popular among big movie companies including Disney, Universal, Dreamworks SKG, and Paramount. That is to say, a video file saved in DivX format can be distributed easily, thanks to its small file size.

It’s not hard to find that the latest version of DivX codec is 6.9.2; it has not been updated for several years. The new version numbers you can see on the packages only declare the updates of the media player, converter, etc.

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Why Is DivX Video Converter Needed

DivX is not as popular as other video formats and there’re many programs, systems, and devices don’t give support to it. That’s Why a DivX converter app is desperately needed by some people; they want to convert DivX to MP4 (or another format more popular than DivX). Of course, an MP4 to DivX converter is needed in special cases. Both kinds of cases can be found in the VideoHelp Forum.

Case 1: convert .divx to .avi.

Hi guys, wondering what is the best program for converting DivX files to AVI? I know there’s not much difference but I’ve just bought a media center hard drive that doesn’t support DivX files. I’ve tried a few converters but the AVI file they output is HUGE! One in particular I tried last night (I forget name) and it converted a 350mb DivX file to a 12GB AVI file? I’ve always found win AVI the best but you can’t convert from DivX. Any suggestions will be much appreciated– from ad_jack

There’s An Amazing AVI Converter For You!!!

Case 2: good divx converter.

Hi all any a merry xmas to you all, I want to convert some files to DivX and I was wanting to know what’s the best software for the job, I want to be able to batch convert and must be able to convert all files, any ideas please, cheers mac.– from bigmacsexgod

DivX Converter Review Windows (#2 Is Awesome)

You can run a DivX file on different platforms, including Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems.

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In this part, I’ll focus on DivX players & converters that can be used on Windows operating systems. When you need to convert DivX to MP4 (or another file format) or convert other video formats to DivX on Windows, you need a DivX converter; some DivX video players can also do the file conversion work. Let’s take a look at the following 10 DivX players and converters that can work on Windows properly.

Tip: The Photos app built-in your computer allows you to create or edit video in Windows 10 easily.

#1. DivX Player & DivX Converter

DivX Player is a proprietary media player designed by DivX, a company devoting itself to providing better video experience for over 20 years. It gives support to common video files (DivX, AVI, MKV, and HEVC) in up to 4K quality. The DivX Player allows you to enjoy high-quality video playback up to 4K and casting to devices service. The DivX Player is included in DivX software, together with DivX Converter and DivX Media Server.

To convert videos with the DivX software, you should first download it from the official website.

How to use DivX Converter as an MP4 to DivX converter?

  1. Head to this page to initialize DivX downloader.
  2. Double click on the software installer called DivXInstaller to start DivX Setup.
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions; please remember to select DivX Converter during the installation process (you can select DivX Player or not, depending on your needs).
  4. Open DivX Converter by double clicking on the desktop icon if you agreed to create shortcuts while installing it.
  5. Click Continue in the DTS-HD Plug-in prompt window saying that you’re using the free trial. (You can click Buy/Enter serial number or just click X to close the window.)
  6. Click on the Add files button in the top-left side -> select Add a file -> choose the target MP4 video -> click on the Open button to import the video.
  7. You can also navigate to the MP4 video you want to convert -> drag it (press and hold) to the middle of the DivX converter window -> drop it.
  8. Wait for the video analyzing process to finish automatically.
  9. You are allowed to edit the video (change the video & audio settings) if you like.
  10. Click on the Select output profile button at the top.
  11. Choose from HD 1080p, HD 720p, HOME THEATER, and MOBILE to confirm a resolution.
  12. Click on the Start button in the top left corner and wait until the converting is finished.
  13. Click Open Folder in the pop-up Conversion Complete window to view the converted file.

Also, you can use the DivX Converter to convert DivX to MP4 easily.

DivX Converter

#2. MiniTool Video Converter

MiniTool Video Converter is a free video converter designed by MiniTool Solution, a dedicated software development company which has been devoting itself to provide users with useful tools (disk management, data recovery, file/system backup, media files downloading/editing) for over a decade.

Four highlights:

  • 100% Free, no bundle, no ads
  • Support 1000+ popular output formats
  • Support batch video conversion at once
  • Edit & convert audio and video files within minutes

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MiniTool Video Converter can be used as an MP4 to DivX converter, a DivX to MP4 converter, and a converter of many other file types. (Let’s take DivX to MP4 conversion as an example.)

Step 1: DivX converter free download.

Click on the Free Download button below or click Download Now on the website to get the setup program. You can change the download path manually if you like.

MiniTool Video ConverterClick to Download100%Clean & Safe

Step 2: converter setup.

  1. Navigate to the folder that keeps the setup program.
  2. Double click on application called vc-setup.
  3. Click Install anyway if you see a pop-up window (The app you’re trying to install isn’t a Microsoft-verified app).
  4. Click Yes if you see a User Account Control window to allow MiniTool Video Converter Setup to make changes to your computer.
  5. Click on the Install Now button to install the converter properly. If you want to change the installation path, please click Custom Installation and change the path before clicking Install Now.
  6. Wait for the installing process to finish itself (this will take you less than 1 minute usually).

Install anyway

Step 3: video file conversion.

  1. Click to enable video converter; click on the Start Now button in the window appeared automatically after the previous step.
  2. Wait just a few seconds for the information to load; you’ll see the software main interface.
  3. Click on the Add Files button in the upper-left side -> browse and select the DivX video you want to convert -> click Open to import it to software.
  4. Change the File Name and Output path if you want (this is not required).
  5. Click on the upward sloping arrow button to choose MP4 under video and a resolution for it. (You can also do it by clicking on the inverted triangle beside Convert all files to.)
  6. Click Convert and wait for the converting process to finish.
  7. Shift to the Converted tab when you see the Success prompt behind the Convert button.
  8. Click on the Show in folder button to have a look at the converted MP4 video.



This Video Converter app allows you to batch convert videos. How to do that? There are several methods available:

  • Click Add Files -> select more than one video files by pressing Ctrl -> click Open.
  • Click the inverted triangle beside the Add Files button -> select Add Folder -> browse and select a folder -> click OK.
  • Open File Explorer -> select multiple files -> drag & drop them to the middle of the main window. (The drag & drop feature is not available when you use the software for the first time; please use it the next time or close & relaunch it to active the feature manually.)

After that, you should click on the Convert All button in the lower right corner and wait.

Tip: You can also use this software to convert MP4 to DivX by following the steps above (just open an MP4 video as the source file and choose DivX as the target format in step 3).

#3. VLC Media Player

How to use VLC media player as a DivX converter (also take DivX to MP4 as an example):

  1. Open VLC media player on your device.
  2. Select Media from the top menu bar.
  3. Click Convert / Save to see the Open Media window.
  4. Click Add under File Selection.
  5. Select the DivX video you want to convert & click Open.
  6. Click Convert / Save button in the lower right side.
  7. Choose Video – H.264 + MP3 (MP4) or Video – H.265 + MP3 (MP4) from the drop-down list of Profile.
  8. Click Browse to set a destination for storing the converted MP4 video.
  9. Click Start and wait for the conversion to complete.

VLC media player

There are also other programs you can try to open & edit DivX files on a Windows computer.

This list is in random order.

  • Audials One
  • Real Trimmer
  • MediaMonkey
  • PowerDirector
  • Free File Viewer
  • File Viewer Plus 3
  • Final Media Player
  • Any Video Converter
  • Roxio Creator NXT Pro 7
  • Xilisoft Video Converter Ultimate

What if you’re using a Mac and need a DivX converter app?

Please try the DivX converter Mac below; the list is also in random order.

  • Apple QuickTime Player with DivX codec
  • DivX Converter
  • Roxio Toast 18
  • VideoLAN VLC media player

DivX Converter Online

There are plenty of websites online providing DivX to other format or other format to DivX services. I’ll take one as an example for each.

Convert Your MP4 to DivX

  1. Go to the MP4 to DivX page.
  2. Click Choose Files -> select your MP4 file -> click Open.
  3. Click Convert -> wait for UPLOADING -> wait for CONVERTING -> click Download to save the DivX file to a safe place.


Convert DivX to AVI

  1. Open this DivX to AVI page.
  2. Click + to select the target DivX file & click Open.
  3. Click CONVERT below.
  4. Wait for the Uploading and Converting process to finish.
  5. Click DOWNLOAD and choose a proper path for the AVI file.

Online UniConverter

Also, there are many other online converters waiting for you to discover.

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In the first part of this post, I explained what DivX is in case that you don’t know this file format; after that, I told you why people need a DivX converter. In the second part, I introduced some popular DivX video converters that can be used on Windows & Mac; you should choose one according to needs. In the last part, I also showed you how to use DivX converter online to finish converting other files to DivX or converting DivX file to another format.

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