This post analyzed on MiniTool official web page mainly tells you that you are going to enjoy a new Instagram feature that simplifies your video creation work on Instagram if you are an Instagram user. This function is called Reel Template.

Instagram is testing a new feature called Templates that enables users to create Reels based on the same format as other videos. At present, this feature is in beta testing and is only available to a small number of people.

About Instagram Reel Cover Template

Similar to TikTok’s Templates, templates in Instagram allow you to export your photos of various formats like PNG, JPG, GIF, etc. into a preset format. The following are the words that a Meta spokesperson told TechCrunch in an email.

We are always working on new ways to make Reels simpler to create. We are testing the ability for you to make a reel using an existing Template from another reel.

Currently, many users have to rely on tutorials to edit videos, especially when it comes to lining up videos with sound and the slots for adding personal clips. Yet, with the incoming Template function, things will become easier. Below is what influencer Josephine Hill told Business Insider.

One thing that I’ve been looking for, particularly with Instagram Reels, was something that resembles TikTok’s audio sync where the clips line up perfectly to the beat of the music.

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Why Does Instagram Reel Template Come into Being?

Like other social media apps including YouTube, Facebook, and Snapchat, Instagram is also trying to compete with TikTok with a short-form video feature. Yet, it is very hard. It is the common case that a creator uploads TikTok videos to Reels instead of creating content right on Instagram.

Therefore, Instagram introduces the Templates utility for its users to avoid that type of situation, at least reduce the number of that cases. Actually, Reels has already tried to add features to compete with TikTok in the past, the Remixes feature released in 2021, for example. Earlier in 2022, Instagram optimized the Remixes function to permit people to remix any publicly uploaded video, not just Reels.

Besides, Instagram said that it would stop promoting Reels with TikTok watermarks in 2021. In the middle of April 2022, Adam Mosseri, CEO of Instagram, announced that Instagram would be cracking down even harder by downranking reposts from TikTok.

Will Instagram Template Free?

Reel template Instagram feature will probably be free of charge for Instagram isn’t an application making money by charging its users. So, there won’t be Instagram Reel Template Premiere Pro or something like that.

Will there be an Instagram Reel Template app? No, the Reel template feature will be added to the current version directly. As for the Instagram Reel Template size, it will be finalized when it is released. Yet, like other features, this function will be optimized over time. So, its size is not fixed.

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