Are you looking for a free, reliable digital audio workstation (DAW) to record music? If your answer is Yes. Please check our list of the best audio recording software. Want to add recorded audio clips to videos, try MiniTool software.

What is audio recording software? 

Audio recording software is used to record audio using a unique technology. This allows users to capture their own voice or other desired sounds, add effects to the voice, and then transmit these audio files to any place.

1. WavePad

Supported OS – Mac & Windows & Android & iOS

WavePad is one of the best and most commonly used programs to ensure perfect audio recording. The program is compatible with most audio formats. It has a variety of audio enhancement functions, including amplification and effect addition. You can also use this program to edit, crop, and trim audio.

2. Audacity

Supported OS – Windows & Mac OS X & Linux

Audacity is the best free audio recording software. It provides users with various options for recording and editing audio, and all content provided by Audacity is free. There are some toolbars for navigating, editing, and mixing audio tracks. This high-performance program ensures that the recorded audio can also be shared with other platforms.


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3 Adobe Audition

Supported OS – Windows & Mac

Adobe Audition is regarded as one of the best audio software with the most advanced features. This all-in-one tool allows you to record, edit, and export recordings. It includes multitrack, waveform editing, and audio recovery tools to provide the best results. And the basic sound panel has been integrated with the program to make the audio get the best dynamic effect.

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4. Wavosaur

Supported OS – Windows

Wavosaur is another best audio recording software. It is a cool free audio editor for editing, processing, and recording audio. Wavosaur has all the functions of editing audio, generating music loop, analysis, recording, batch conversion. It also has multiple document interfaces for processing multiple audio files.

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5. Garageband

Supported OS – Mac

GarageBand is an Apple-exclusive program that can provide you with a complete audio creation suite, including audio recording, virtual instruments, MIDI editing, and so on. Its interface is intuitive and easy to use, and there are a large number of virtual amplifiers and effects that you can use.

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6. Ocenaudio

Supported OS – Windows & Mac & Linux

As a cross-platform program, Ocenaudio provides many functions to enable you to overcome audio recording and editing tasks. The program is very intuitive and easy to operate. It even supports you to record the screen if needed.

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7. Ardour

Supported OS – Linux & Windows & Mac

Ardour is an open-source audio recording software designed for Linux, also available for Windows and Mac. It has a highly versatile multi-track recording function. However, unlike other best audio recording software, Ardor doesn’t come with any built-in effects or instruments.

8. RecordPad

Supported OS – Windows & Mac & iOS & Android

RecordPad is the best music software for recording vocals. The software has extensive recording and audio enhancement functions and can be easily used for recording, editing, ripping and burning vocals. An important function of this software is Voice Activation, which allows you to automatically erase long periods of silence during recording.

Bottom Line

The above have discussed 8 best audio recording software. Which one do you prefer? If you have any other better audio recording software to recommend, please let us know via [email protected] or share them in the comments section below.

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