MiniTool Video Converter features a user-friendly interface for effortless video conversion. Its intuitive dashboard allows quick addition and conversion of video files, with essential functions accessible via straightforward toolbars. Read this tutorial to learn its main interface.

After launching the free video converter on your PC, the main interface will appear on the screen. There are three table options and one menu. Let’s have a look at their respective components.

the main interface of MiniTool Video Converter

Section 1. Video Convert

 the components of Video Convert

  1. Add Files: Select to add files or add a folder.
  2. Add or Drag files here to start conversion: Add files by click or drag. Once the file is uploaded, this section will disappear and the file will be listed here.
  3. Converting: Display all media files to be converted.
  4. Converted: Check all converted media files.
  5. Convert all: Convert all the files into one format and save them to the same destination folder.
  6. Auto: Select the next operation when the conversion task is complete.

Section 2. Video Download

the components of Video Download

  1. Go back/Forward/Home: Quickly go back/forward/home at the main interface of YouTube.
  2. Paste URL: Paste URL in the search box, or click the Paste URL icon and then enter the URL to download.
  3. History: This section shows the downloading process and each downloaded video has two buttons – Navigate to file and Play. Additionally, all the history records of download completion or cancellation will be automatically saved here, which needs to be deleted manually.

Section 3. Screen Record

the component of Screen Record

  1. Click to record screen: Click anywhere within the dotted line to enter the screen recording window.

Section 4. Menu

the components of Menu

  1. Language: MiniTool Video Converter is available in both English and Japanese, and you can change the language of the program here.
  2. Manual: Learn how to use the software.
  3. About: Know more information about the software.
  4. Settings: For Video Convert, determine whether to remove the source file(s) from the converting list after conversion and set the maximum convert tasks; for Video Download, specify where to save the downloaded files and set the maximum current downloads; for Screen Record, specify where to save the recorded files.
  5. Feedback: Tell us what you think about the software.
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